APULIA (South Italy):  In our area we produce different olive oil selection from different types of olives; we have 100% Coratina oil selection; 100% Ogliarola oil selection; blend of Ogliarola and Coratina oil selection. In Apulia the olives are a distinctive feature of the landscape. Kilometres and kilometres of countryside are used exclusively for olive production, with the twisted trunks of olives trees emerging from the red earth and the silvery foliage shining against the blue sky. And this is where the De Carlo farm is to be found, surrounded by olive trees. It is a fascinating landscape, combining the undisputed beauty of the age-old trees with the hard work needed to cultivate them; indeed, this hard work is evident in the white-stone walls which separate the estates. Puglia’s economy has always been inextricably bound to olive production. In fact, oil production is a real resource for the region, particularly the area around Bari. Agricultural, environmental, social/cultural etc items of interest. 

Olive press:  The Azienda Agricola De Carlo has 148 acres of olives groves, home to approximately 12,000 olives trees. This is where its various different labels are produced. The olives are harvested by hand straight from the tree and pressed within a maximum of 24 hours of harvesting in their own olive press on the farm itself. Form production to bottling, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen, which prevents oxidation and ensures that all the organoleptic properties of the oil are preserved.Vegetables food laboratory: the De Carlo family produce a line of preserved vegetables, using exclusively fresh raw ingredients and De Carlo extra-virgin olive oil. The entire line of preserve is produced in the company’s workshop, within a maximum of 24 hours of harvesting, in order to preserve the properties of the raw ingredients, conserving their flavor and texture over time.

Company:  The De Carlo family still produces prized, exclusive oil today in its farm in the famous Conca Barese, in the Bitritto area. In the 1980s, the De Carlos decided to promote the fine quality of their oil by making it known around the world. They soon succeeded in establishing themselves on the national and international market. In the firm belief that the development of the company was not incompatible with the long tradition implicit in the De Carlo name, the plant was moved to its current site, where it is periodically updated with technologically advanced equipment whilst still preserving its traditional, artisanal origins. Alongside its oil production, the De Carlo family, which has always monitored the latest market demands very closely, created a line of vegetables preserved in extra-virgin olive oil, olives in brine, pasta sauces and delicious pastes, available in both traditional and organic versions. The entire line of preserves is produced in the company’s modern workshop. The company has been managed by Saverio and Grazia De Carlo since 1980, accompanied over recent years by their children Marina and Francesco and their son-in-law Arturo. The new generation, who all share the same passion, inherited from their parents, have developed a company policy focused on a short supply chain (most of the raw materials come from their own fields), top quality, great flavor and the very highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The De Carlo Family