Masía el Altet Olive Oils

Masía el Altet is a family-owned estate that dates back to the 17th Century. Only 30km away from the Spanish South-Eastern coast and, at the same time, more than 800 meters above sea level, lie our country-house and olive trees, in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains and two Natural Reserves. A particular location blessed by a microclimate that wraps up the best from the combination of cold winters and mild summers, together with the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, and rewards our olive oils with unique characteristics.  

The olive is a robust and vigorous tree, able to bear the most extreme weather conditions, from prolonged droughts to intense heat and cold. But, ultimately, it is a cultivated species that requires human intervention in order to express itself fully and, in a great show of generosity, deliver its finest fruit.

That is precisely what the olive trees of Masía El Altet have been doing since the seventeenth century, generation after generation, until Jorge Petit, their current owner, decided to put his faith in them and develop their well-deserved leading role.And that decision was not the result of chance or whim. Not at all. It was a way of reconnecting with his origins, with the times when, as a child, he chose to spend his summer holidays on a farm in the country with Aurelia, his maternal grandmother, while his parents and brothers preferred to ride out the stifling temperatures beside the waters of the Mediterranean.

When Jorge remembers those times, he can still hear the song of the cicadas during the summer siestas, the whisper of the wind combing the pine needles, the concert of the crickets under the silvery wake of the pigeons at the break of dawn and the marked rhythm of their flight, and nightfall with the bright light of the glow-worms.

With just a little more effort, he can also recall with nostalgia the scent of the apples and plums when picked from the tree and laid in a basket, or that of the storms that refreshed the atmosphere and perfumed it with their unmistakable fragrance.

There are so many memories that a future spent far away from them seemed inconceivable. Therefore, when he grew up, Jorge acquired the family farm to establish his residence there with his wife, Clara, and their children, also called Jorge and Clara. Only thus could he continue to embrace the incentives of his childhood and, why not? he could also create other new ones through his olive trees, to which he has entrusted, since 2006, the task of producing one of the best olive oils in the world. Since then the trees, ever obliging, have managed year after year to seduce the juries of the most prestigious international contests.