Map of Oil Location

Albea Blanca Hojiblanca EVOO

Harvest: late October

Priego de Córdoba, Spain

Albea Blanca Hojiblanca EVOO has the very characteristic green leaves fruity aroma and taste notes of freshly mown grass, apple and almonds. Fresh and peachy, has green fruits´ bitter taste and defined pungency. A complex flavor and a lingering aftertaste of apple savor.

Cultivar(s):  The cultivar of Hojiblanca olive trees selected by Albea Blanca is in the province of Córdoba, in dry land´s traditional frame.The province has a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate and has the highest summer average daily temperatures in Europe, averaging 98 °F in July (days with temperatures over 112°F are common in the summer months) Winters are mild with isolated frosts and precipitation is concentrated in the coldest months, generated by storms in December through February. This Atlantic characteristic then gives way to a hot summer with significant drought more typical of Mediterranean climates.

Hojiblanca olive tree variety is of medium vigor, upright bearing and quite thick foliage, with off-white and light olive-green leaves color (hence the name) and grey-green wood color; late maturing and not constant in its productivity; very resistant to calcareous soil and considered rustic, because of its resistance to long drought periods, typical of the area most part of the year. And the olives are shaped almost in perfect spheres. Have a big size and present strong resistance to detachment and a balanced pulp-bone ratio, being extremely rich in nutrients, which provide high levels of Polyphenols.

Location of Orchard / Source of Fruit:  Priego de Córdoba

Albea Blanca Hojiblanca EVOO origin is in a wonderful olive grove located in Priego de Córdoba, in the heart of the Cordovan Subbética Mountain System, in the province of Córdoba, where this olive varietal is autochthonous. A Natural Reserve area, characterized by high rainfall and large temperature variations, comprised between hilly mountains, with great ecological wealth, botanist value and beautiful landscape, surrounded by vegetable gardens, streams and other water courses, floristic richness and forests of poplars, willows and elms.

Certification:  Albea Blanca Hojiblanca EVOO is not certified “organic”, but it is produced as organic, as stringent chemical analysis made on the soil, olives and oils, certify the complete absence of residues in the oil. Chemical and organoleptic analysis of Albea Blanca Hojiblanca EVOO highlights its large content in Oleic Acid, Polyphenols and Tocopherols, rich in Vitamins and Omegas, which provide of health benefits and keep up the oil fresh along time. 


• 2016 EVOO Gold Award at NYIOOC (New York Int'l Olive Oil Competition)
• 2016 EVOO Silver Award at LAIEVOOC (Los Angeles International EVOO Competition)
• 2016 Packaging Gold Award at LAIEVOOC
• 2015 EVOO Gold Award at NYIOOC