Map of Oil Location

Albea Blanca Koroneiki EVOO

Harvest: mid October

Casasbuenas, Spain

Albea Blanca Spanish Koroneiki stands out by its intense green fruitiness rotund aroma, its herbaceous tasting notes of freshly mown grass, and its complex and elegant persistent aftertaste of ripe banana and tomato, filled with an extremely fresh flavor. Nice balanced bitterness and pungency, from medium to low intensity, and a smooth and velvety texture.

Cultivar(s):  The cultivar of Spanish Koroneiki olive trees selected by Albea Blanca is in the province of Toledo, in irrigated super high density system.

The province has a cold semi-arid climate, bordering on a Mediterranean climate, so winters are mild while summers are very hot and dry, with precipitation mainly concentrated in the period mid-autumn and mid-spring. The Koroneiki olive is a native Greek variety from the Peloponnese peninsula, located in South Greece, and it magnificently develops in Spanish lands when entering in Greenwich Meridian area, which by Latitude and Longitude is especially suitable for olive trees.

Spanish Koroneiki olive variety is renowned for its regular productivity and its strength resisting wind and the contrasted climate of La Mancha. Is medium sized, lightly rounded, of difficult releasing, high oil yield and extremely rich in nutrients.

Location of orchard/source of fruit:  39,76002° N, -4,13042° E

This olive is a native Greek variety, but it magnificently develops in a small olive grove in Casasbuenas, a small village in the province of Toledo, over a plain landscape, full of almond trees and ancient olive groves. Close to the Guajaraz reservoir, its stony ground becomes a singular nutritive soil for surrounding vegetation.

Certification:  Albea Blanca Spanish Koroneiki EVOO is not certified “organic”, but stringent chemical analysis made on the soil, olives and oils, can certify the complete absence of residues in the oil. Chemical and organoleptic analysis of Albea Blanca Spanish Koroneiki EVOO highlights its large content in Oleic Acid, Polyphenols and Tocopherols, rich in Vitamins and Omegas, good for health and for the oil´s shelve live.


• 2016 EVOO Gold Award at NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition)
• 2016 EVOO Silver Award at LAIEVOOC (Los Angeles International EVOO Competition)
• 2016 Packaging Gold Award at LAIEVOOC
• 2015 EVOO Gold Award at NYIOOC