Map of Oil Location

Albea Blanca Manzanilla Cacereña EVOO

Harvest: early November

Pozuelo de Zarzón, Spain

Albea Blanca Manzanilla Cacereña EVOO displays a distinct green fruitiness aroma and flavor, combined with notes of freshly mown grass and green almonds, along with some banana hints. Considered sweet and nutty, is distinguished by its stimulant bitter and subtle pungency taste.

Cultivar(s):  The cultivar of Manzanilla Cacereña olive trees selected by Albea Blanca is in the province of Cáceres, in dry land´s traditional frame.The province has continental climate: in winter the average temperature is 57 °F maximum, reaching 46 °F minimum, with some frost. In summer the average is 93 °F to 66 °F. Rainfall is abundant in from October to May.The olive tree of Manzanilla Cacereña variety is early flowering, upright habit and less dense open cup with disjointed appearance, low vigor and long branches. Very well adapted to the region damp and cold weather, the trees enjoy the amounts of water, hours of cold and light, necessary for its optimal development. And the olive is large, heavy, oval shaped and easy releasing. With high pulp-bone ratio and low oil yield, is extremely rich in nutrients that provide high levels of Tocopherols.

Location of orchard/source of fruit:  40,14996° N, -6,41485° E

Albea Blanca Manzanilla Cacereña EVOO comes from olive trees located in Sierra de Gata-Hurdes, where the olive variety is autochthonous, in Pozuelo de Zarzón, in the province of Cáceres; an extraordinary environmental setting and beautiful scenery, where fertile plateaus alternate between steep mountain areas. Bathed by five rivers creates a magnificent ecosystem, with glens of dense vegetation, intermingled with pine forests, ancient chestnut and strawberry trees, and small hills filled with heather and herbs.

Certification:  Albea Blanca Manzanilla Cacereña EVOO is not certified “organic”, but it is produced as organic. Stringent chemical analysis made on the soil, olives and oils, can certify the complete absence of residues in the oil. Chemical and organoleptic analysis of Albea Blanca Manzanilla Cacereña EVOO highlights its large content in Oleic Acid, Polyphenols and Tocopherols, rich in Vitamins and Omegas, good for health and for the oil´s shelve live.


• 2016 EVOO Silver Award at LAIEVOOC (Los Angeles International EVOO Competition)
• 2016 Packaging Gold Award at LAIEVOOC 
• 2015 EVOO Silver Award at NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition)