Map of Oil Location

Albea Blanca Cornicabra EVOO

Harvest: early November

Los Navalmorales, Spain

Albea Blanca Cornicabra EVOO shows up an ample intensity of green fruitiness aroma, with notes of freshly mown grass, strawberry, peach and aromatic herbs, unique among other olive varieties; and in the taste appears hints of apple, green leaves, artichoke and other vegetables. On the palate presents a pleasant bitterness and medium-high pungency, with a long lasting aftertaste of green almonds flavor.

Cultivar(s):  The cultivar of Cornicabra olive trees selected by Albea Blanca is in the province of Toledo, Spain, in dry land´s traditional frame. This geographical region has a cold semi-arid climate and low precipitation rate, and the olive tree has featured strength to resist the contrasted climates of La Mancha area, of cold winters and hot and dry summers, which allow trees enjoying the amounts of water, hours of cold and light, necessary for its optimal growing.

Cornicabra olive tree is late flowering and late olive maturing; upright bearing and thick foliage density; medium-low vigor and medium length branches; light-gray wood color and light-green leave color; and the olive, notably resistant to detachment, has a peculiar elongated and slightly curved shape, reminiscent of the shape of a goat´s horn (whence the name) With big bone inside and less pulp around, but high oil yield and extremely rich in natural antioxidants.

Location of Orchard / Source of Fruit:  Los Navalmorales, Spain

Albea Blanca Cornicabra EVOO comes from a beautiful olive grove situated in a small location in the North side of Cabañeros Nature Reserve, which houses botanical richness with different bioclimatic zones, creating several unique ecosystems all over the Montes de Toledo Mountain System, in Los Navalmorales, in the province of Toledo, from where the olive variety is autochthonous.

Certification:  Albea Blanca Cornicabra EVOO is not certified “organic”, but it is produced as organic, because the land is in its third year or conversion to an official organic orchard. Stringent chemical analysis made on the soil, olives and oils can certify the complete absence of residues in the oil.

Chemical and organoleptic analysis of Albea Blanca Cornicabra EVOO highlights its large content in Oleic Acid, Poliphenols and Tocopherols, rich in Vitamins and Omegas, good for health and for the oil´s shelf life.


• 2016 Packaging Gold Award at LA 
• 2015 EVOO Gold Award at NYIOOC