Map of Oil Location

Lucero Olio Novello Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest: Fall

Corning, California

This oil has a pronounced fruitiness with herbaceous green undertones. Olio Novello, Italian for “new oil,” celebrates the new season with oil fresh from our trees to your table without racking or filtration.

Suggested Uses:   Best enjoyed with baking, salads, and bread dipping.


Cultivar(s):  Manzanillo

Certification:  Kosher Certified Kof-K

Location of Orchard:  39.9277° N, 122.1792° W        

Milling:  Amenduini Hammermill, No Depitter, Six Custom Vertical Malaxers, 3.2 Ton per hour Haus Decanter, 3 Ton Westfalia Polisher, Spadoni Filtration System