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Mis Raíces Premium Roots, Premium Exclusive Empeltre Variety

October 2017

Oliete, Bajo Aragón, Aragón, Spain

Mis Raíces Premium (My Premium Roots) is a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained exclusively from olives and only through mechanical means during the first fortnight of November, with olives carefully selected from the Empeltre (80%) and Arbequina (20%) varieties by our small family producers and first cold extraction within 24 hours. This fantastic coupage has a yellow color with nuances of gold and lets us obtain an oil with a medium fruity taste. Furthermore, the nose recalls a medium fruity intensity where we may enjoy hints of fresh grass as well as tomato and artichoke aromas, with a final touch of fennel which is characteristic of the Empeltre olive. At mouth level it flows, and its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are highlighted by its equilibrium and intensity. Those three attributes are accompanied by a slight astringent sensation, and delicious flavors of nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, both very characteristic of the Empeltre olive.

Suggested uses:  Mis Raíces is a premium olive oil that enhances and improves other ingredients without being overwheming and masking their flavors. It is perfect to be used raw on salads, fish, seafood and steamed vegetables; and on bread as a better and tastier substitute for butter or margarine.

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Cultivar:  Empeltre and Arbequina variety

Designation:  Protected Designation of Origin Bajo Aragón Olive Oil

Milling:  Hammer mill