Map of Oil Location

Oro del Desierto Arbequina

Harvest: Early to Mid October

Almería, Spain

Color / Aspect:  Intense gold color, with green hues. Filtered.    

Aroma / Bouquet:  Medium/soft fruity, fresh aroma of almonds and other medium ripe fruits, very harmonic and balanced.     

Flavor / Taste:  Soft and pleasant on the palate, absence of bitterness with slight spiciness and piquant sensation. It has a vegetal sensation on the palate with a persistent finish.

Cultivar:  Arbequina 100%  

Location of Orchard:  Finca el Vicario – Tabernas desert – Almería, Spain. Intensive 7 x 5  meter spacing, olive trees aged 4-16 years.

Designations:  Organic Certified UE, NOP and JAS

Milling:  Hammer mill, 2-phase cold extracted under 27 degrees C, decanter and vertical centrifugation, filtered.